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  • Enter and leave the building quietly.

  • Please take shoes off when arriving and put them in the shoe rack provide

  • do not walk on the mats with your shoes on.

  • Bow as a sign of respect when you enter the dojang (gym).Respect your art form.

  • Bow to the instructor and fellow students at the beginning and of each lesson and during the practice as instructed.

  • Do not chew during traning.

  • You may eat in the sitting area only.

  • Do not talk unless asked or spoken to when the instructors are in the dojang and refrain from acting stupidly at any time.

  • Do not attempt to do dangerous techniques unless supervised.

  • When you have entered the dojang bowed, if the tutor is not present, warm up or stretch.

  • Do not mock or show off to other students of a higher or lower grade.

  • Always wear the correct dress (dobok) and keep your uniform clean and ironed. Untidy dress will be frowned upon.

  • During sparring practice ensure you own and use the correct safety protection or padding.

  • Always be positive in both mind and body.

  • Use your art only in your defence and defence of others.

  • In the lesson we are all equal brothers and sisters devoted to the same cause. Do not have petty grudges or have an “attitude”.

  • No foolish or idle chatter will be tolerated.

  • No spectators or parents are allowed to cross the training area because it could lead to accidents and is a distraction to students.

  • All spectators or parents must be quiet and not distraction to classes

  • Do not wear any jewellery, rings, watches, necklaces, earrings when training.

  • Adhere to all the rules of Bozdag Taekwondo Club

Please follow these rules otherwise you will be banned.

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