Belt Order and Names:

Beginners wear white belt called 10th  Kup,then progress through a series of coloured belts,

10th Kup
9th Kup
8th Kup
7th Kup
6th Kup
5th Kup
4th Kup
3rd Kup
2nd Kup
1st Kup
1st Dan



For everyone interested in training at Bozdag Taekwondo, simple book an online free trial session and enjoy your first class. This will be your opportunity to be introduced to our club and the sport and martial art of taekwondo.

Before and after class there will be plenty of time to discuss any aspects of training which you are curious about. For your first class all you will need to bring is some loose fitting sport clothes; like a t-shirt and shorts, or a tracksuit.

Once you’ve done the first class you’re then free to decide whether you’d like to start regularly training with us. If you do decide to join our regular timetabled classes, the fees are as detailed below. As of September 2009 we only accept payments via Direct Debit. Annual British Taekwondo license, insurance & Club membership will cost £60 Advanced students will also need a complete set of WTF approved protective gear. This can be purchased through the club.



Monday   :   3.45pm-9.30pm

Tuesday  : 3.35pm-9.30pm

Wednesday : 3.45pm-9:30pm

Thursday     :  3.45pm-9.30pm

Friday           : 3.45pm-8.30pm

Saturday : 10.00am-2.00pm



60-64 Kingsland Road

London, E2 8DP

Tel: 020 7033 4660

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