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been going for 6 years and achieved 1st dan. i really enjoy the classes as it is very fast paced and you learn a lot in the training sessions, would highly recommend this Taekwondo Academy to friends as you learn how to defend yourself against real life situations, which will become very useful. everyone at the session is very friendly and you can feel the positive energy radiating as you train and get more motivated to train harder. We're like a family in Bozdag Taekwondo, we look after each other and bond with people of all ages and encourage them to push themselves to the best of their ability. If you're looking to stay fit and healthy and meet knew people then this is the place to join. -MP


This club is fantastic. My son and I both go and have progressed through the grades. Amazing experienced masters, great fitness and loads of fun. It is such an inclusive club, I would recommend to anyone.

Michelle Lockley

I have been training here for three months and I am very happy that I decided to join Bozdag Academy. It is a great club, everyone is super friendly. The teacher, Master Seyit, is amazing, he really pays attention to all the students and he is very dedicated. Best Taekwondo club in London!

Paula Gil

I am currently a student at Bozdag Taekwondo. Master and his team are very professional, experienced, helpful, and kind . They take a very good care of students. The environment is also very nice and friendly. I am very happy with this place.

Pondpit T.

I have been a member for over a year. The teachers are very experienced and kind and the classes well thought out. The atmosphere is really good too!

Artemis Nika

I've been training at Bozdag Taekwondo Academy for over a year now and I can definitely say that I will be training there for many more!

I knew nothing about taekwondo before joining this academy but Sir Seyit's knowledge and passion for this amazing martial art quickly rubbed on me. He teaches in very intelligent and enthusiastic way. He's caring with all his students and puts all his energy in getting all of us to be our bests.

I couldn't wish for a better environment and master!

Lula Laura Velasco

Every time I go to London, I go train at Bozdag Taekwondo Academy. The teacher is amazing and I love the classes. Great atmosphere :) I highly recommend!

Alison Velasco

Here' an honest review about Bozdag Taekwondo...

Master Seyit is a real master and martial artist, having given his life to the sport and made a massive impact to many of us, especially me since I joined as a white belt.

Over 2 years, the improvement has been very noteable and thats down to the quality of his training, energy, and passion he puts in every single class. He deeply cares about every students performance to make sure they are at their absolute best always. For me, thats one of the biggest things to honor this club.

This is a 5* club with respectful and friendly students to share the experience with. I honestly coudln't have found a better club in central. London.

Whether to get fit, learn a new sport or just try, you will get hooked quickly.

Sir Seyit, thank you for your dedication!!

Nitin Moorjani

Excellent quality of teaching. Really good variety of what's taught at each class and you can definitely see progress in a short amount of time. Highly recommended!

Pavlos Gi

The best taekwondo club in London
I was there only for about 4 months.
Unfortunately, couldn’t continue training in this club, cuz of work. (Time clash).
I was in green belt, I live in west London, the moment I get a chance, doesn’t matter how far it is, I will rejoin it immediately.

Aemal Ahmad

Really great club, it's been almost 8 years I am into taekwando, had attended 3 different clubs internationally, and I must say this one is the best. Master is really talented teacher and he enjoys when students do progress. He is always showing every single trick/move himself, which is very often not the case with other clubs. He's been practising this sport forever himself with multiple awards and so has great technique and what's the most important - he knows how to deliver information, as in he spots the errors one does and actually is genuinely interested in correcting them, which I must say is not necessarily common.

The other huge advantage of the club is that courses take place in one same location and amenities are well equipped. Essentially there is virtually any equipment/tool that you might think of when practicing taekwondo.

And the teacher sticks to the schedule, there was never a class that was cancelled, he almost never delegates and makes sure that the quality of teaching is maintained. It's a well-run business, as in administratively - wise it is really well organised (paperwork, payments etc)

It is also good balance between technical learning, sparing and poomsae.

Bottom line, really recommend the club, if you are serious about this sport, amongst suite of amateurs clubs out there one shouldn't even hesitate and go for this one.

Liliya Chechel

Great club, good atmosphere, very experienced and helpful teacher. Would highly recommend if you want to get fit, learn some great skills, meet friendly people. Range of classes: kids, adults, beginners, advanced... Cannot recommend highly enough. Plus: I love Snoopy, the dog 💪🏼🥋

Dominika Szostak

i have been training for 10 years now. definitely worth coming and trying out.great club. teacher is very kind, teaches lots of things. not only does it teach you self defence but it also teaches you discipline and respect.

Owen Xue

Bozdag Taekwondo is an outstanding martial art club. The master is a real professional teaching the students' high-levelled techniques of poomse, sparing and physical training. My 9-year son has been here for over 4 years and I can really see him progressing not only physically, but also strengthening his focus, self-esteem and confidence. The atmosphere in the club is very friendly and warm. I am very pleased that we started training in this taekwondo school as this brings amazing results.

Maria Troitskaya

Genuinely amazing Academy. Seyit is the best Taekwondo teacher you can get in London, I fully recommend you start ASAP. You won’t regret it. Based in an amazing location close to shoreditch. Good for all ages. Great for confidence, you meet great people and you’ll make great friends.

Robbie Palmer

Brilliant top instructor, i have a been going for 6 years and have already achieved a 3rd dan. The lessons are never to get boring.11 out of 10

Davizzle Vlogs

Best place in the world children get the best teaching and are very well behavedMy son start learning about two years because he is hdhd , and over weight but now he is much improved the teacher very nice and help him a lot

Min Arora

My son start learning about two years because he is hdhd , and over weight but now he is much improved the teacher very nice and help him a lot

Guo Yan Xie

The brilliant club experienced teacher, 10 star service

Ewing Xue

I thoroughly enjoy going to Bozdag taekwondo. The teacher is very kind and strives to help you .

Kimi Le

I have joined the club 10 months ago and it has been very enjoyable so far. Each classes are challenging and demanding, yet very rewarding as I improved my cardio, gained core strength, flexibility and more confidence in myself along the time. The club also has a great variety of talented students who continuously inspire me to progress further.

Master Seyit is a patient and encouraging teacher who wants to bring out the best of everyone. His friendliness helps to create a nice atmosphere throughout the training session. I would really recommend to anyone to try a class.

Mariline Khieu

This is a first class spot. Many of the students, both young and adults, display very impressive levels of dedication and self control. It is a fantastic venue for children to learn taekwondo.

Robin Katz

One if the best taekwondo academies out there. Seyit Bozdag is a genius when it comes to training kids.

Musleh Ahmed

I've been going to Bozdag Taekwondo Academy for nearly 4 years now, inspired by Jade Jones achievements at London 2012 and the need to control an expanding waistline. Truth be told, 4 years on, Jade Jones has nothing to fear, but I am considerably fitter, have had the benefit of meeting a lot of very nice people, have lost more than a few kilos and have learned a new skill. The club is very welcoming, the Taekwondo to as high a standard as you want it to be and, very useful to me, the Taekwondo a great way to unwind after a day in the office. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Stephen Pearce Higgins

Just sheer luck that I chose for my daughter to go to Bozdag Taekwondo. She has been going now for 5+ years. This has given her an unbelievable level of flexibility, energy, control and fitness. At the age of 11, earlier this year, she attained black belt. In preparation for the black belt exams Master Seyit took her and the rest of the crew to a whole new level. It was a very intense six week course. Master Seyit, with 20+ years' experience, has a passion and determination to make everyone excel at taekwondo. Would thoroughly recommend for any child (or adult).

Russell Brown

I was looking for best Taekwondo school for me and my daughter in my local area. After long research and checking reviews I have decided to joined with Bozdag Taekwondo. Me and my daughter has been training here for about a year and we can't say enough good things about it. Master Seyit is a great teacher.
The children learn confidence, discipline, respect, and the value of hard work. Bozdag Taekwondo has become a family to us. We love how we get to know all the kids and parents, cheer each other on, and celebrate the victories together.

I highly recommend this place to everyone!

Murshedul Huq

Awesome Taekwondo school. Seyit's teaching skills are fantastic and he has a deep knowledge of martial arts, kicking, sports taekwondo, self defence and fitness. Been training there for years as it's the best club!

Robert Hughes

My son is so happy to attend Bozdag Taekwando classes . Since he started 2 years ago he learnt a lot. Now he's on blue green tag belt and am so proud of him. Thank you to the trainer Seyit Bozdag, for his special attitude to kids, the discipline, good training and good taekwondo techniques he teach. And hoping to see my son on black belt grade in the future.👌👏👏👏

Dilek Sonat

Such a dedicated teacher to his students and taekwondo. Classes are inspiring and push you beyond what you thought is possible for your body and mind training. Best club in London.

Vanessa Sutehall

Master Seyit holds extreme knowledge for both Taekwondo and teaching with over 20 years experience. He is evidently passionate about developing his students which in turn sets the club at a high standard. He ensures and emphasizes the importance of strong basics, making sure you understand the purpose of the kick/block/strike. He has a lot of patience and takes the time to give each student individual feedback.

Classes range from pad kicking, technical sparring and exam syllabus; so you get a combination of the sport and traditional aspect of Taekwondo on top of conditioning exercises and improving flexibility. Whatever your fitness level with time and dedication you will notice a change not only physically but mentally too.

I started about 2 and a half years ago, and I can honestly say that all the bruises, sweat and odd tears are completely worth it. Give it a go you won't regret it!

Julie Ly

I have been training with Bozdag Taekwondo more then 4 years and have become much disciplined and self motivated. The club has a welcoming enviroment, for any ages, also Master Seyit has alot knowlegde, of different styles of Taekwondo from triditional and Combat sport.

Onur Kartal

I began Taekwondo 17 years ago, and have trained on and off since then wherever I have lived. Bozdag Taekwondo is by far the best club I have ever trained at, and Seyit is a fantastic, motivational and endlessly patient coach who has encouraged and inspired me since I began there.

There is a great group of people training at the club too, and whether you are interested in sparring, poomsae, improving strength and flexibility or intensive black belt exam preparation, then you will find you can train here to a high level with a brilliant team and coach!

Lindsay Sekulowicz

As a martial arts stuntman, I've studied in various martial arts at various schools around the world. Bozdag is one of the most intense schools I've ever trained at. Seyit Bozdag is a passionate and dedicated teacher who seems to really care about the progress of every student. Having just received my black belt, I've now been at Bozdag long enough to witness the progress of those around me, and have never seen such fast improvement from students - and this can only be down to Seyit Pushing everyone to reach their potential, and then keep pushing them... and pushing, even further. I'd recommend Bozdag to everyone, complete beginners to seasoned martial artists. 5 stars and then some!

Stuart Boother

After going to several Taekwondo dojans in London, this is my favourite so far. Most Taekwondo masters have a main job and use Taekwondo to earn an extra money. That means poor facilities like wooden floors ( which can hurt your knees) not enough equipment (e.g.pads), Not many people practising... Here you can practise a wonderful martial art in a fantastic atmosphere. Everyone here are very friendly and it doesn't matter your level or purpose. Worth it try!!

Esther Carminatti

If you are looking for a top-notch Taekwondo academy, look no further. I started training at Bozdag Taekwondo about three years ago to enhance my mobility and fitness levels. I have never met someone more passionate (and patient!) and inspirational than Seyit Bozdag. He is truly dedicated to his work and invests in every one of his students. I have made significant progress and am now training for my black belt exam. I’m not sure if I would have gone this far in any other club, and it comes down to Seyit. I can’t recommend Bozdag Taekwondo highly enough!

Lisa Orban

First off. I live in south London, miles from Bozdag Taekwondo. I tried other martial arts. I've found cheaper clubs that are closer to my home and some closer to my work. I've been to quite a few to test them out. This said, I'd NEVER change clubs and I'll tell you now, there is no better club in London. The trainer and the dojang (gym) are top quality. No matter if there are 2 people or 20 people in a class, master Seyit will manage to focus on and help every person. He is hugely attentive and cares greatly for progression. He's an excellent motivator. I started 7 months ago with no experience of Taekwondo but wanted to begin training in a discipline that would allow me to push my self physically after a day in the office. I was unable to touch my toes before I joined. Now I can kick easily above my head and can nearly pull of the front splits! This sport and Seyits style of training is perfect for me.
Whether you're looking specifically for a great Taekwondo dojang or a way to improve flexibility, fitness, and/or self confidence, then this really is the best choice for you.
Master Bozdag has been teaching Taekwondo for abouts 20 years and balances and excellent mix of traditional styles and techniques to the more modern sport Taekwondo that you'd see in the olympics. The training takes place in padded mats. This is a massive bonus and is so much better than hard floors. The set training timetable is perfect for me. Monday's are a real push for me with it having more strength and endurance conditioning then pad work. After a long weekend, this really sets you on your way for the rest of the week.

In short, you can't go wrong here. I'm personally very grateful for how I've progressed under Seyits tutelage.

Bob Tsang

Very good club. Definitely a club that wants to teach not to mess about. The master is quite technical and friendly. Spends time on each student.


Having trained at several different Taekwondo clubs around North/Central London, Bozdag is definitely my favourite, the facilities and training are top notch. You can tell the master is truly passionate about Taekwondo and developing his students.
If your looking for a Taekwondo club or to start a new martial art, I highly recommend you give Bozdag a shot, you won't be disappointed!

Daniel Keane

I started training with Bozdag TKD in January of this year and have learnt so much already. There really is no better way to keep fit and learn the art from someone who is so passionate and inspirational. I have no doubt I will keep it up for years to come and highly recommend anyone else to give it a go. His patience, professionalism and skills are second to none and I am so glad to have been introduced to this amazing Academy.

Christina Petrou

So far so good.

Waheed Ahmed

Very good Dojang , After living in London for 15 years and a long search for a Taekwondo club, That has a great master, great team, good inspiring and friendly Taekwondo lovers , suits my timetable and location!,,
I have finally found all that plus the facility are great, the fact that it is fully matted and available all day is fantastic couldn't ask for anymore very good fees and the best master you would want to train with you, someone who cares truly for your progress a very good trainer in every aspect.
I started here in January at first i would only go 1 or 2 times a week but now I 6 times a week it is more then my home .
Thank you master Bozdag for having me.

Bahar Rashidi

This is a fantastic class. Having trained Capoeira for 12 years I wanted to try an eastern martial art. Seyit is a great teacher, very skillful and has created a friendly atmosphere for training


Andy Eadie


Maura Danielli


trap boyz usa


Marco Bertagna


Alyssa Terreni

"Having trained with Bozdag TKD I would never want to train anywhere else. The standard of both fitness training and technique are absolutely top notch. If you want help to reach your goals then there is no better"

Andy Worthington

"After my very first lesson, I soon realised what I was really in for. Intense fitness training, taekwondo philosophy and dedication to an art that I have come to love. I enjoy every sweaty minute of it! It is also a great honour to be training under a master who is so friendly yet professional and able to demonstrate incredible kicking abilities."

Markus Heinel

"Master S.R. Bozdag is passionate about his Art and constantly improves his training methodology, integrating new techniques and drills to take you to your next level. Besides being great fun, his training and teachings will boost your stamina, grow your confidence, flexibility and skills in all areas of Taekwondo with particular excellence in kicking, sparring and self-defence. If you are ready to put in sweat and commitment (and at times tears!), Master will help you develop your abilities further than you would imagine possible!"

Alaric D. Bozza

"As a 4th DAN Taekwondo instructor from France and a former member of the French National Team, I would like to say that Bozdag Taekwondo will provide you with the highest standards in traditional and modern Taekwondo. Master Bozdag is a genuine good-hearted person who delivers enjoyable, confidence-building Martial Art lessons for young children to adults. Safety and health are the priority and everyone learns at his/her pace thanks to Master's great pedagogical skills. Do not hesitate and try and fall in love with Taekwondo at Bozdag Taekwondo Academy."

Pascal Norec

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