Taekwondo is an ancient Korean martial art system which in modern times has evolved into a dynamic Olympic sport. Its a very fast and explosive activity and is underpinned by flexibility, balance, control and mental focus.

For most people, the training involved to master taekwondos kicks, punches and strategy is a great alternative to the gym because not only do you get fit, but you learn some skills at the same time. It is a great way to work out, tone up and live a healthy life. For parents, it is often a way of enabling their kids to spend time constructively and build their confidence. It also gives you self-defence skills and a certain level of spiritual enlightenment can also be gained from learning taekwondo. 

As an Olympic sport, the object is to score points against an opponents body using kicks and punches, or against your opponents head or upper cheast using only kicks. Whilst we encourage participation in competition, we realise that actually competing is not for everyone. Whether you wish to take all you learn at this club into the competition arena is entirely up to you. 

Whatever your choice, at Bozdag Taekwondo you will get to enjoy the exhilaration and fun of training like a true taekwondo sports person and martial artist!


Monday   :   3.45pm-9.30pm

Tuesday  : 3.35pm-9.30pm

Wednesday : 3.45pm-9:30pm

Thursday     :  3.45pm-9.30pm

Friday           : 3.45pm-8.30pm

Saturday : 10.00am-2.00pm



60-64 Kingsland Road

London, E2 8DP


Tel: 020 7033 4660

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