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The premium brand for WTF Taekwondo clothing and equipment, Tusah is committed to developing and providing the very best products for your journey in the martial arts.

The Tusah brand is a promise to our customers that they will receive competitive brand value together with an unrivalled customer service.

In all areas of the world Tusah is committed to providing instructors and fulfilling our value of ”Setting the standard”

WTF Approved Ez-Fit Fighter Uniform
Now available in :
White V Neck sizes: 130cm-200cm New
The uniform is one of the lightest uniforms in the market today!  Specially designed for World Taekwondo Federation Sparing and competition.

The Easyfit fighter suit is made up of 100% polyester cool mesh material. The inner cool mesh allows moisture to evaporate faster, consistently giving you a fresh cool feeling. It has a full length gusset allowing you to have greater freedom of movement for high kicking Taekwondo events. Elasticated and drawstring trousers ensures a comfortable fit during extreme training movements.

Providing all athletes to compete at a high level to equally feel comfortable and enjoy and be part of the experience.

Tusah EZ-Fit provides athletes with an easy method to compete at a high level. All athletes can now equitably feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. This product line explore new ideas & concepts, but at the same time keeping it affordable. 100% Quality Guarantee




WTF Approved White Collar Fighter Uniform

Color: White
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