Solid colour belts, here at Bozdag Taekwondo we know how important it is to show of your achievements. That is why we stock an excellent range of colour fast tested belts.

Our belts range from 240cm, 280cm and 320cm and are 4cm wide . Colours white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black. Our belts have been colour fast tested to ensure excellent quality.


Striped Colour Belts,  our belts are fast coloured tested to make sure they do not fade. They are 4cm wide. Sizes 240cm, 280cm, and 320cm in white/yellow, yellow/green, green/blue, blue/red, red/black.

Taekwondo Belts

    • This shopping basket only available for Bozdag Taekwondo members
    • Once order made you have to allow for 5 working day
    • There is no delivery all shopping have to be collected at club
    • Goods can be return in 14 days without use  or can be exchange with different size
    • For goods collection please use your name as reference