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Belt system in Taekwondo

A Taekwondo student’s progress is marked by his attainment of coloured belts. The beginner starts at white belt with the aim of achieving black belt. For senior students and instructors the a new journey begins at black belt. You become a 1st DAN when you pass your black belt and thier are 8 more exams to take if you wish to achieve the ultimate Grand Master status at 9th DAN.

In order to progress from one belt to the next the student must undergo grading exams.  An exam will involve the demonstration of his learning to date and a strict curriculum demands that he show his experience in Poomsae (forms) and breaking, kicking and hand techniques. Breaking boards successfully will demonstrate power and speed of his techniques while Poomsae will prove his memorisation of individual techniques in a set sequence.

Each Grade level is known as a geup, or kup and there are ten exams to pass to get to black belt. Each belt has a different colour with its own symbolic meaning.

Belt Order and Names:

Beginners wear white belt called 10th  Kup, then progress through a series of coloured belts

10th Kup
9th Kup
8th Kup
7th Kup
6th Kup
5th Kup
4th Kup
3rd Kup
2nd Kup
1st Kup
1st Dan
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